Biology as Reactivity and responsive software.

Post title - LIONblog

A recent article in Comm. ACM explores the connection of biology with reactive systems to better understand living systems . I could not find a better motivation for our effort in Reactive Search Optimization .

"One way to explain a certain class of complex dynamical systems is to view them as highly concurrent reactive systems. We argue that this perspective is a natural fit for many biological systems. A reactive system is characterized by the way it responds to its inputs, as they arrive over time, sequentially, or concurrently. The system's behavior and outputs are not just a function of the input values but also of the order in which the inputs arrive, their arrival times, speeds, and locations, and so forth."

"Biological systems are also highly adaptive, to both internal and external changes; they use signals coming in from receptors and sensors, as well as emergent properties to fine-tune their functioning. This adaptivity is another facet of the reactivity of such systems."

If we succeed at transferring some of the robustness and responsiveness of biological systems into problem-solving and decision-making tools we obtain software which is adapting to the decision maker and not decision makers who must adapt to rigid and inflexible software.

  • 1-Source: Communications of the ACM Vol. 54 No. 10, Pages 72-82 10.1145/2001269.2001289