Ten push-ups for each "excellence"

Post title - LIONblog

After reading "The Ten Most Annoying Management Terms Of 2011" I observed there is one term missing: Excellence. Each time I hear this word mentioned in business documents, a red alarm goes off in my mind. When I am a guest of an hotel mentioning "our staff is dedicated to reaching the highest excellence levels, bla bla bla" usually the plumbing does not work, and the air conditioning is as noisy as an airplane on a runway during takeoff. And, if you complain with the manager, they have no idea about how to deal with that. If you are excellent you do not go around bragging about it, if you are not, each reference to the word "excellent" makes you loose one point on the perceived quality scale. My good resolutions for 2012: each time I feel the need to utter the word "excellent" ... ten push-ups. Either I improve our communication strategy or at least I loose some weight.