The LION way, Version 4.0

Machine Learning plus Intelligent Optimization
Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato


Seven years after the latest published Version 3.0, and after the strong coupling between Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning pioneered by LION is rapidly gaining momentum in different research and business projects, Version 4.0 is now ready.

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This book presents two topics which are in most cases separated: Machine Learning (the design of flexible models from data) and Intelligent Optimization (the automated creation and selection of optimal or improving solutions). More and more innovative people can now master the source of power arising from LION techniques to solve problems, improve businesses, create new applications.
Powerful tools are not only for cognoscenti and this book does a serious effort to distinguish the paradigm shift brought about by machine learning and intelligent optimization methods from the fine details, and it does not refrain from presenting concrete examples and vivid sticky images (made to stick to your mind).

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We believe that education should be for everybody and our book is available for free on this web site.

The opinions of our readers give additional hints about the book style. A wonderfully warm introduction to Machine Learning, Informative and well written, Couldn't stop reading, Smooth read, covers the essential ideas, will help even experienced practitioners avoid mistakes. After reading the awesome LIONbook, I'd like to play around and apply the methodologies in some of my personal research topics.

Download the free PDF: The LION way. Machine Learning plus Intelligent Optimization (Battiti - Brunato).

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If you are adopting the book for courses, some slides and exercises are available at the LIONcommunity

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Roberto Battiti, Mauro Brunato
The LION way. Machine Learning plus Intelligent Optimization. Version 4.0.
LIONlab, University of Trento, Italy, 2023.
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