Sweeping throgh innovation and economy in the world.

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Each row contains indicators and statistics of a country for a given year (in the period 1998-2007).
  • Govern.Debt: Central government debt, total as percentage of GDP.
  • GDP: Gross Domestic Product per capita; US$.
  • Education: Public spending on education, total (% of GDP).
  • R&D: Research and development expenditure (% of GDP).
  • Unemployment: Unemployment, total (% of total labor force).

Objectives of data mining and visualization:

  1. To display the relation between Gross Domestic Product, total expense on Research & Development, and unemployment rate .
  2. To visualize the historical trends in the period 1998-2007 by sweeping though data, i.e., by generating a movie so that the same plot is visualized as time advances.

LIONoso sample visualization: colored bubble chart

In the figure, a colored bubble chart shows GDP as a function of the R&D expenditure. The color is given by the country.
The size of the dot is proportional to the unemployment rate in the corresponding country.
It's easy to see that there is a correlation between GDP R&D expenditure: the figure shows it by fitting a line. The fit coefficients can be obtained by right-clicking on the plot.


LIONoso Reactive Business Intelligence: visualization a data mining image


Another useful visualization shows R&D expenses, GDP, and unemployment rates.
A 7D plot can be used for this purpose.


LIONoso Reactive Business Intelligence: visualization a data mining image

LIONoso sample visualization: Sweep animation

The sweep animation shows the time evolution of the statistical data.
In this example, we have the same bubble chart of the previous figure. After starting the animation (movie), we note two interesting historical trends:
  1. the R&D expense increases in most countries, sometimes it is stable, but it never decreases.
  2. there is a fast growth of the GDP during the period 2002-2007, immediately before the global crisis in 2008.
We can play this animation in "smooth mode" and track the past values (they appear in a lighter tone in the background of the plot).


LIONoso Reactive Business Intelligence: visualization a data mining image

Download the LIONoso-ready data file: countries-G10.lion

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