The LION community

The LIONcommunity page contains mixed materials about machine learning and optimization (for prescriptive analytics) made available by our lab and by a growing community of active researchers and users, in particular slides related to the LIONbook, usage cases in selected application areas, tutorial movies, etc.
The LIONoso software by our lab can be useful to "dirty your hands" with real-world exercises in prescriptive analytics.
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For training and class usage

The selection of a subset of chapters corresponds to topics appropriate for an introductory course in LION (approximately 50 hours including exercises). The original Powerpoint version is also included so that you can adapt text and slides to your needs and personalize them.

LIONway-slides-chapter2.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter3.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter4.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter6.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter7.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter8.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter9.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter12.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter13.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter15.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter18.pdf,   LIONway-slides-chapter19.pdf,  

LIONway-slides-chapter2.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter3.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter4.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter6.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter7.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter8.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter9.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter12.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter13.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter15.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter18.pptx,   LIONway-slides-chapter19.pptx,  

Slides for more advanced chapters appropriate for Master- or PhD-level courses are listed here.
Additional chapters will be added in the next months.





LIONoso was used for the "Learning from Data" course by Caltech professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA.

Exercises and use cases

Mixed materials from LION researchers and users

Warmup for using LIONoso as orchestrator.

The following is of interest for using LIONoso to "glue together" different components written in scripting or compiled languages (Python, C or C++, etc.), define complex processes and coordinate them, visualize results.
Essential for rapid prototyping and speeding up delivery of complex software processes.

Connecting components and "ruling them all" by LIONoso
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Using parametric tables
A flexible tool to generate data tables on the fly based on some input parameters. You have to try it to understand its power.

LIONoso orchestration of Java modules
The most efficient way to include an external model in LIONoso is to embed it within a Java package.

R language components in LIONoso

Connecting C# to LIONoso
How to write in C# and connect the component.

Use cases for "The LION way"

The following are meant to accompany the book with concrete and practical examples.

K nearest neighbors.

Learning with method (training and generalization).

Handwritten digit recognition with linear regression.

Digit recognition with CART trees and democratic forests.

Use cases for the Caltech course "Learning from Data"

The following are cases of tutorial nature.

The danger of overfitting.

Logistic regression for predicting heart disease.

Marketing automation for banks via SVM and cross-validation.

Mixed Usage Cases in Marketing, E-Commerce etc.

The following cases were developed mostly by users in marketing, e-commerce, finance, social networks.

Evaluating bank customers asking for credit.

Network analytics: "focus and context" visualization, social networks.

Collaborative recommendation: movies and viewers.

Web mining and the network of USA politicians.

Asset portfolio selection in finance.

Predictive analytics: neural networks.

The French invasion of Russia.

Reactive Search Optimization: identifying optimal solutions.

Learning and optimizing your business: the LION way.

Usage Cases in Engineering.

The following cases were developed mostly by engineers in different sectors.

Optimization of electronic circuits.

Welded beam design: how to tradeoff multiple objectives.

Fluid dynamics and parallel computing.

Wireless access point placement.

Mechanical engineering: designing roof trusses and improving vehicle safety.

Usage Cases by External Groups.

The following cases were developed mostly by external groups in our community (thank you to the various contributors!).

Construction workers

Sweeping through innovation and economy in the world

Houses and neighborhoods

Cities around the world

Select your perfect car!

Sociology to study violence.

Viral infections spreading in a network.