Wireless access point placement.


The demo is related to the so called “access point placement problem”. It consists of placing antennas in a building so that:

  1. a sufficient signal strenght is guaranteed
  2. the signal is never too strong to raise health concerns
  3. the position of existing infrastructure (e.g., power and network outlets) must be taken into account
  4. the cost of deployment and usage must be minimized.

One must therefore solve a multi-objective optimization problem, and the choice of the final solution is not always trivial.
The outcome of the optimization procedure is a large number of solutions, each evaluated according to different criteria.

LIONoso sample visualization(s): Navigation and Clustering

The different possible solutions are clustered (grouped) and projected onto a two or three-dimensional space while conserving as much as possible similarity relationships. This permits to reason about many solutions by concentrating on sets of similar ones. Actually, the prototypes of the different groups can be identified and visualized by clicking on the corresponding orb.

LIONoso 2.1 visualization a data mining image



LIONoso 2.1 visualization a data mining image

Download the LIONoso-ready data file: wireless-access-point-placement.lion